The USA Track & Field Foundation is thrilled to learn about the continuous achievement and success of our grantees. We are proud of the courageous athletes and clubs we have been able to assist over the years. Read their stories and contact us to share yours!

I am writing this to say thank you USATF Foundation. The hardest part about making the Olympic team isn’t necessarily the training, it’s being able to pay the bills. At a time when debating to go home or “stick it out” training, the Foundation awarded me a grant to continue my training. Grants also send(…)

I’d just like to say thank you for making me a Grant recipient once again. It is an incredible help and blessing to receive it this additional time around.

had a wonderful time, words can not express my gratitude. From the time I arrived from the time I left it was a great experience. The crew was extremely nice, and very welcoming. It made me feel very comfortable, and excited. Thank you so much for this experience. It was not only a great experience,(…)

Stephanie Smith
Elite Athlete

Had a fantastic time today with Health Teacher and the Upstream2012 conference here in Nashville! Wonderful program & great group of people!

Joanna Hayes
Elite Athlete

I just wanted to say that both Randall (Randall Flimmons – elite long jumper) and Stephanie (Stephanie Smith – elite sprinter) are darling!!! They are excellent interviewees, look fabulous on camera and are delightful to work with. Thanks for making 2 perfect choices.

Organ Wise Guys

Dear RWUS! Program, “I really hope you guys bring this back to Alamosa. This program has really helped me learn lots of great things. It helped me learn lots of great things. It helped me learn to see the food labels and be aware of servings, calories, etc. It was awesome learning what is good(…)

Brayan Flores
Ortega Middle School

Dear Zoila, “You have taught me a lot and It was fun running with you and it was really cool to meet you. Also I got in the best shape in my life

Ortega Middle School

I am so grateful for being named a recipient of the latest training grant. I spent a month training with Coach Fischer in San Diego before US Indoors then hit an all-time indoor PR at the meet. I am very happy with the progression of my season and see big benefits from training with him.(…)

I want to thank you for the grant approval; this is a tremendous blessing! The Foundation is a supportive group to help give way to many athletes like myself. This grant will provide a wide scope of opportunity for me to maintain an elite-level of athletic ability. I look forward to the remainder of the(…)

Thank you SO MUCH for believing in me enough to award me one of your grants! I am so lucky to have you guys on my side. I even added yall to my sponsors on my website since yall have given me so much over the past couple years.

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