Elite Athlete Testimonials

Many emerging Olympic Track & Field athletes in our country depend on the support of the USA Track & Field Foundation to be able to financially support themselves.  The Foundation is changing lives and making it possible for these athletes to commit their efforts to the sport full-time.

I am a decathlete in training to make an Olympic or World Championship team and this year I was a recipient of an Elite Athlete Development Grant. At Nationals this year, I placed fourth, just one spot from making the team to Berlin. I have no doubt in my mind that without the grant, I(…)

I fully support the USATF Foundation. The additional revenue generated by the Foundation will help expand existing programs and create innovative new ones. Additionally, the Foundation will assist athletes as they pursue their Olympic dreams. Please join me in growing the sport of track & field by making your gift today.

Thank you, the board members and the Foundation for the support. I appreciate the well wishes so much. It was the most fantastic moment of my life – winning the Prefontaine Classic 800 meters – and the Foundation helped to make it possible and the people involved were there to witness it. What a perfect(…)

The USATF Foundation is spot on with their mission to support athletes like myself who don’t have the media attention and financial backing of some of the more popular events. We are the true underdogs of the organization and you make it your mission to make sure that we are not left behind. In my(…)

The support I received during my preparations for the 2006 season really lifted a heavy burden off my shoulders. At a time when I was without a contract and working odd jobs to meet financial obligations, the Foundation took a chance on me. Like I tell people all the time, it is a total team(…)

I would like to thank the USATF Foundation for awarding the Carrie Tollefson Training Camp with the Youth Programs Grant. It has been a dream of mine to host a camp for youth and give back to the sport I love. Being a 2004 Olympian gave me so much to share with kids about hard(…)

WOW is the word that comes to mind just thinking about how much the Foundation has helped me in this and other years, and in supporting me in this Dream that is now coming true! The Olympian grant bonus is a blessing, enabling my coach to join me in Beijing. Thank you so much again.

I just wanted to say how much the Foundation support means to me and my family. Without the backing of the USATF Foundation, there is no way that I would be in the position that I am in today. A few years ago, Beijing was just a dream. Now, it’s not only a reality, but(…)

I am writing this to say thank you USATF Foundation. The hardest part about making the Olympic team isn’t necessarily the training, it’s being able to pay the bills. At a time when debating to go home or “stick it out” training, the Foundation awarded me a grant to continue my training. Grants also send(…)

I’d just like to say thank you for making me a Grant recipient once again. It is an incredible help and blessing to receive it this additional time around.

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