Foundation Track Club

The Foundation Track Club was established in 2017 at the USATF Outdoors Championships in Sacramento, CA.  The Foundation Track Club represent the ideals and mission of the USATF Foundation and it’s grantee athletes.  The USATF Foundation’s mission is to support athletes that are competitive on a national and international level but lack the resources to train and compete on a full-time basis.

The Foundation Track Club is comprised of athletes who have received a USATF Foundation Elite Athlete Development Grant and are in financial need to continue their career in the sport of track & field.  The Foundation Track Club is open to both male and female athletes in all events.

The Foundation Track Club gives unattached athletes who are professional-level performers an opportunity to compete under the Foundation banner as one team.  It allows the Foundation Directors, donors, and fans the opportunity to literally and substantively get behind the athletes the Foundation financially supports.

It is our hope that fans of the sport will appreciate the efforts of our Foundation Track Club athletes and step up to support our team with a gift to the USATF Foundation.

“The Foundation Track Club provides an opportunity for athletes and fans of the sport to be a member of the same team.  Sponsors and donors become partners with the athletes with a common goal to provide the financial structure necessary to compete at the highest level.”

USATF Foundation Chairman, Bob Greifeld