INDIANAPOLIS – The USA Track & Field Foundation is very pleased to announce the 2012 recipients of a John W. James Endowment grant, USATF Foundation Chairman Bob Greifeld and Executive Director Tom Jackovic announced today.

Mark and Lori James & Frias Holding Company made the initial gift of $200,000 to the USATF Foundation in July of 2010 to seed the endowment, which is used to fund elite grants for men and women track athletes in the throwing events, and to promote and highlight the throwing events at major competitions.

“The James family and Frias Holding have gone to extraordinary means to honor John W. James and provide unprecedented support for Olympic throwing hopefuls,” said Jackovic.

The seventeen outstanding men and women receiving a $4000 grant include Gwendolyn Berry (hammer throw), Lance Brooks (discus throw), Noah Bryant (shot put), Mike Hazle (javelin throw), Britney Henry (hammer throw), Cyrus Hostetler (javelin throw), Kibwe Johnson (hammer throw), A.G. Kruger (hammer throw), Cory Martin (shot put), Suzy Powell (discus throw), Aretha Thurmond (discus throw), Sarah Walker (shot put/hammer throw), Ian Waltz (discus throw), Corey White (javelin throw), Russ Winger (discus throw/shot put), Jason Young (discus throw) and Rachel Yurkovich (javelin throw).

The Foundation will also be announcing the initial 2012 Elite Athlete Grants in the coming days.