INDIANAPOLIS – The USA Track & Field Foundation is bringing a special Run With US! event to Las Vegas and will be held at Owen Roundy Elementary School on Friday, January 10, 2014, announced Foundation Executive Director Tom Jackovic and Chairman Bob Greifeld today.

With childhood obesity the leading health issue affecting kids, the fact that many kids fall well below the recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity, and research proving the benefits of physical activity on learning, Las Vegas area schools are using the games and activities of GoNoodle, a new interactive resource designed to get kids up and moving in the classroom.

Run With US!, one of the GoNoodle games built in collaboration with the USA Track & Field Foundation, features Olympic athletes leading students in virtual track & field events. Olympian and current American hammer throw record holder and Las Vegas native Amanda Bingson; along with 2012 Olympic discus thrower Lance Brooks; and the number two ranked hammer thrower in the US, Britney Henry, will join Las Vegas students as they play Run With US! in their classroom on Friday..

“The USA Track & Field Foundation takes pride in supporting our elite athletes at Run With US! events,” said Jackovic. “These athletes inspire the next generation of Olympians to stay active and lead a healthy lifestyle.”

Each physical activity game of GoNoodle is designed to provide students 3-5 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity right next to their desks. Research proves that such short bursts of physical activity have positive health benefits and improve student engagement, behavior and achievement.

In addition to the track & field game, GoNoodle includes dancing, stretching, and calming exercises, along with games that incorporate spelling, vocabulary and math with physical activity. Las Vegas-area teachers can learn more about GoNoodle by visiting

About GoNoodle

GoNoodle is a research-based classroom resource for elementary teachers to improve student engagement and youth health through desk-side physical activity breaks. Helping to increase energy and focus while improving classroom behavior, GoNoodle’s games can be played on an interactive whiteboard, projector or computer screen. GoNoodle is powered by HealthTeacher, Inc., the interactive leader in youth health.