As people turn on the T.V. or attend a track & field competition, many do not realize the technicality that goes in to the events. JaCorian Duffield will be the first to tell you the high jump is no exception to this, “People don’t realize how up and down the high jump can be. It is extremely technical. One day you can set the world record and the next day only go 7 ft 8 in,” said Duffield. Duffield did not start his track & field career in the high jump. He began track in middle school and also played basketball, where he found his love for jumping. By his junior year of high school, he began experimenting with the high jump and eventually would go on to place second in the state finals. Since then, he has loved training and learning more about the sport, “It’s really fun to understand what makes you jump higher and what makes you get to a higher bar. At the same time, it’s a bit of a blessing and a curse because you can train all summer and fall but if you don’t do something right, technically, then you won’t get the results you want,” Duffield said.

Duffield’s high jumping career continued to progress as he began college at Texas Tech University. He placed seventeenth at the NCAA championships his freshman year and continued to improve throughout his college career. By the 2015 season, he and fellow Texas Tech teammate, Bradley Adkins, placed 1-2 at the NCAA championships. At the 2015 USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships, Duffield improved to a personal best, 2.34 m (7 ft 8 in). When asked about his recent success, Duffield said, “I have worked very hard on my technical skills but also on training my mind and staying focused. I use scripture and read The Bible to help me train my mind to be the best Christian high jumper in America”. Duffield is now training for the upcoming U.S. Olympic Trials, where he has July 8th and July 10th marked on his calendar. He currently trains with two of his Texas Tech Teammates, and finds that each of them provides motivation and encouragement to the others. If everything goes well, he will represent Team USA in the Olympics in August, where he will be among some vey excellent competition, “This is one of the deepest and most technical events we have. There are maybe 8, 9, or 10 guys that could all do it. The high jump is definitely a premier event and people should tune in to see some special things,” Duffield said.