Elite Athlete Grant Program

The USATF Foundation supports elite athletes as they strive to achieve their dream of competing in an Olympic Games, a World Championship or other Team USA competition. The Foundation provides assistance to athletes that meet its grant application criteria, including income thresholds and performance standards.IMG_2043


Youth Club Grant Program

first-place-class-s-state-trophy-2014The USATF Foundation considers providing opportunities for youth athletes to compete in track & field a top
priority. We encourage youth track clubs and programs from all areas of the United States to apply for financial assistance. The USATF Foundation youth initiative seeks to support and expand high quality, existing programs that attract diverse ethnic and socio-economic youth and that promote character building, education, active, healthy and drug-free behaviors, including event participation in track & field and cross country/road running. Preference is given to clubs that are based in low-income areas. It also favors programs that have a history of solid financial management, multiple funding sources and community support. Allowable expenses include equipment, uniforms, meet fees, travel, facility rental, staff and volunteer training, and outreach.

Run With US!

581Launched February 8, 2012 in Los Angeles, CA, the vision of Run With US! is to create the broadest, most sustained professional athlete-led youth program in the USA. A carefully-selected corps of Olympians and aspiring Olympic track & field athletes will be trained to deploy a targeted curriculum to youth populations both virtually and intimately in targeted communities and schools with lessons of fitness, nutrition, healthy lifestyle choices, and fueling life ambitions. In exchange for their service to communities and the youths therein, the US elite track & field athletes will receive a measure of the financial support they need to finance their Olympic aspirations. Since inception, programs have been successfully completed around the country in cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, San Diego, Pittsburgh, Knoxville, Las Vegas, etc. The Foundation expects to greatly expand Run With US! in upcoming years.

Adopt An Athlete

Share in the Olympic journey by giving an elite athlete the resources necessary to be competitive on the grandest of all competitive stages, the Olympic Games. You may select the particular event in which you choose to sponsor an athlete. Specifically, your contribution will help cover the expenses directly associated with Olympic training.

On an even more personal level, your gift will impact the day-to-day life of an Olympian-in-training. Elite American athletes frequently put their careers on hold to live the Olympic dream. This can mean part-time jobs and sacrificing time with family and friends. Your gift provides financial stability and lessens the stress of funding training expenses.

Plus 3 Network

You Run – We Donate to a USA Distance Center
You run, or lift, or stretch, or play ball – whatever you want to do to stay active, and anytime you log that Activity, the USA Track and Field Foundation donates money to the USA Distance Center you have chosen.

Support NJ*NY Track Club, ZAP Fitness, Team Furman Elite, Team USA Minnesota, Team Rogue, Brooks Beasts, or the American Distance Project with your sweat and via Plus 3, we turn it into equity for USA distance running. It’s FREE to you, we donate the money.

Choose your USA Distance Center here: